Ashley Madison reveals which provinces have the highest infidelity rates and where affairs are most likely to happen

International infidelity service, Ashley Madison recently revealed some interesting facts regarding infidelity in South Africa. The chief commercial officer of the site, Paul Keable – who was recently in the country – told Sunday Independent that among the 50 countries they operate in, South Africa is the company’s 12th biggest market with over 3000 people signing up monthly.

Keable also revealed that women in South Africa are dominating the market with 1.8 active female accounts for every 1 active male account. On a global scale, there are almost 1.11 females to 1 male on the site and research carried out by the University of Missouri Kansas City disclosed that 80% of women who signed up to Ashley Madison said they were living in either sexless or orgasm-less marriages.

Keable said that according to their 2019 sign-ups, Gauteng is ranked at number one for Ashley Madison’s highest cases of infidelity followed by the Western Cape in second place and KwaZulu-Natal in third.

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Polyamory – having intimate relationships with more than one partner and with the consent of all partners involved -is becoming more popular but traditional affairs still remain the most popular on the site. Keable said 70% of their users are looking for traditional affairs and 30% include polyamory, open relationships and swingers.

Keable also explained how the site and community have diversified over the years to include LGBTQI(+) communities, “we set it up so that a member can explore and find the affair or experience that they are looking for” he said.

Despite the site having to recover from their 2015 data leak and strong competitors like Tinder and Grindr which continue to grow in popularity, Keable says their biggest competition will always be the workplace, “that’s where affairs happen over the years,” he told Sunday Independent, “you’re looking across from that person spending far more time with them than your spouse. Our platform is a better alternative for what we would like to say is a successful affair.”

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