As we anticipated, Shimmy Beach Club’s summer menu is nothing short of spectacular!

Images by: Toby Murphy

Executive Chef Adrian Cook and Head Chef Michael Keating have added some refreshing and scrumptious changes to the menu at Shimmy Beach Club for the summer. While some popular favourites still remain, the dynamic duo has teamed their passion for seasonal flavours and produce to bring you the most decadent and crisp dining experience this season.

The concept for the menu is a “back to basics” approach with plenty variety and room for flexibility.  The starters are light and crisp with the smart option to increase the portion size if you wish to enjoy your entrée as your main course – as for the actual main course, the concept is to pick from a variety of mouth-watering proteins and gourmet sides with delectable veggie options available too. The idea this season at Shimmy Beach is to customize your dining experience.

We were invited to sample some of the starring dishes on Shimmy’s new summer menu and as we anticipated, it was nothing short of spectacular! Welcomed with a Kombucha Grande cocktail with fresh basil we settled down in front of the breathtaking view with some canapés. While I’m personally rather shy to the pungent taste of the super elixir Kombucha, I quite enjoyed this cocktail and paired with the bite-sized Norwegian salmon poke bowls, it was simply heaven!

Our starters consisted of a delicious trio of light meals. A scrumptious Thai salmon and tuna fishcake, a biltong, feta, peppadew and spinach quiche and my favourite, the black, local mussels in the most divine spicy teriyaki and beer sauce.  The quiche was baked to perfection and generously stuffed with the most flavoursome fillings!

Our tapa-styled, tasting-sized main courses – each and every sample – exceeded expectations in freshness, concept, and flavour. The lamb lollipop – cut and seared to perfection – served with a light and palate cleansing chickpea salad was my top pick but not by a long shot because both the mini Moodie burger wrapped in bacon and the cider-braised pork belly were equally as divine. However, the most summer inspired dish had to be the sesame seared Norwegian salmon with mirin and soy glaze!

The chefs pulled out all their big guns for their finale and served up a foursome tasting of their summer deserts: A pineapple fridge tart with an exquisite sweet to tarty balance, the most decadent Bar-One mousse and the most mind-blowing desert of them all, the popcorn flavoured Brulee topped with actual caramelized popcorn.

Shimmy’s new summer menu is exciting and fresh and still so much in line with their premium beach club ethos – not only is it food fit for fine dining but it’s perfect for that poolside cosmopolitan dining experience too! “Variety and flexibility”, well Shimmy, you’ve nailed it!

Standing the test of time in both the entertainment and dining scene, Shimmy Beach Club always have something special to offer during the season!

Be sure to follow their page (and ours) to stay updated on all their upcoming events – to view their new summer menu, and make a reservation visit their website right here.

Here’s more on Chef Adrian Cook’s inspiration behind Shimmy’s new summer menu.


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