As Cape Town Prepares for the Holidays, We Prepare for Love & Light and the Beauty of Summer.

Love & Light, Cape Town’s premier day time party has stood out as the city’s most sought-after event on the calendar, with a spectacular event that fittingly sees the end of the working year on the same weekend. Naturally, by this time we’re all eager to let loose and kick-off the start of our holidays in true festival style and what better way to do so than to get outdoors and celebrate the magic of summer with Love & Light.

The Festival

Love & Light returns for its 9th year with a bang on Saturday, 21 December at the popular Ostrich Farm where they will host their 2019/2020 season opener featuring 14 hours of best in global ‘progressive trance’, all supported by world-class production and a massive dance floor to lose yourself on!

This year, Love & Light is proud to present four international headline acts – the biggest international showcase for a 12 hour psytrance festival in South Africa – including Love & Light regulars, Metronome and Atmos as well as Protonica and Alter Nature performing at the festival for the first time!

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Attendees can expect more of what we’ve all come to adore about Love & Light, with some extra touches, making it the best of its kind to date. Other than a phenomenal music lineup, production and decor, attendees can also take advantage of the festival’s Love Pod Experience which includes, a private VIP teepee pocket tent for the day, dedicated bottle/table service, separate bar and restroom access. The festival is offering various size VIP teepee packages to cater for groups of 8, 10 and 12 people. The Love Pods are a limited and exclusive experience and one that we highly recommend but you’ll have to book this incredible offer beforehand which you can do right here.

The Vibe

Love & Light hosts a more discerning crowd of party-goers – a mature audience which is essential to the ever-present good vibes and chilled atmosphere that make Love & Light so special. As always, it is an over 21 event, make sure you have your ID’s. Learn more about the headlining artists for this month’s Love & Light extravaganza below and book your tickets right here.

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Swedish sensation, Metronome began producing music in early 2000 and quickly established himself among the progressive acts in Sweden and Europe. After releasing a variety of singles on Jum-Jam Records, ZMA Records, Groove Zone and finally Spin Twist Records in 2007, he decided to take a break from the music scene. During his hiatus, Metronome developed a new modern sound to keep up with the ever-changing progressive scene. The result is a melodic and groovy sound, inspired by groundbreakers like Phaxe.

In 2013, Metronome set out for a comeback and got signed by Blue Tunes Records, where he released his debut EP “Rise Above”. This EP marked a new beginning and was followed by six more mind-blowing EP’s along with various singles as well as collaborations with world-class artists like Morten Granau, Eddie Bitar, Ranji and Jacob, as well as remixing tracks from upper.


Protonica are Berlin-based duo, Piet Kaempfer and Ralf Dietze. With Piet’s intuition for harmonies as a skilled pianist and certified sound designer, Ralf’s feeling for propulsive grooves, Protonica deliver a uniquely positive and pulsing sound – blending psychedelic and progressive trance blending. The “Refresh” and “Northern Storm” EP was a milestone for the talented duo. In 2012, Protonica released their second album, “Form Follows Function” another masterpiece after their debut “Search” from 2007.

Their energetic live sets have already contributed to making events a success all over the world, including the likes of Boom Festival, Ozora Festival, Universo Paralello, Rainbow Serpent, Indian Spirit Festival, Atmosphere Festival and Groove Attack.


Since releasing his first single in 1996 on Pablo Gargano’s label, EVE records, Tomasz aka Atmos has released four albums, loads of singles and has countless appearances on compilations but more importantly – his music has been embraced, played and loved by such a broad spectrum of people; ranging from the top 10 DJs to aspiring DJs all over the world. Atmos has also been touring the world for well over twelve years playing on some of the biggest stages across the world. His sense for merging rhythm programming with delicate strings into a well-produced groovy sound is guaranteed to make everyone get down to the dance floor and that has made him a big fixture on lineups around the world.


Alter Nature is André Jonsson from Stockholm, Sweden. With over 2 decades of producing music, hundreds of gigs and countless releases on big labels, one can clearly say that André has had a real musical journey. After experimenting with Drum & Bass, Ambient and Techno, all the way to Gabber/Hardcore, it wasn’t until 2003 that Jonsson discovered Psytrance and he fell in love with it straight away.

In 2006 Jonsson got his first gig and by 2012 he was signed as an artist on the hugely famous progressive-label “Spin Twist Records”, home of big names like Neelix, Day Din, Audiomatic, Fabio & Moon and many more. To date, Alter Nature has played at festivals across the world such as Indian Spirit, VuuV and Airbeat One just to name a few, has released over 10 EP ́s and is featured on more than 70 compilations on some of the biggest labels in the scene such as Spin Twist, Blue Tunes, Iono and Iboga.

Get your tickets now before the price increase and before the event sells out. The December Love & Light sells out every year!

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