As A Two & A Half Men Fan, This Is Slightly Freaky!

Here is the official intro to Season 9 of ‘Two & A Half Men’ where they introduce Ashton Kutcher who is taking over from Hollywood badass Charlie Sheen. I don’t particularly know what to think after watching this, but I will leave that up to you to decide… Charlie is #winning, Ashton not so much.

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  1. No no no, im sorry to say no1 can take good old drugged out drunk charlie sheens place, just doesnt fit the roll properly. well ill just have to wait and see !! yoh

    1. Hmm… very strange intro. I’ll have to give it a few episodes before I can make up my mind about good ol Ashton. I mean I quite like him as an actor…

  2. Why didnt they just cancel the show? i dont understand!!! it had an ending, it doesnt need to go further. Jake is a grown person now, so there is no “half” men anymore… this is stupid. they kill off charlie in ep1 and then Ashton moves into his house… not quite sure what kind of plot they are going for here…

    1. You have summed up everything just as I would have Colette, I mean, Charlie was mostly the reason I watched the show. I don’t think Ashton can live up to Charlie’s role, but lets wait and see what happens.

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