Armin Van Buuren & a State of Trance comes to Cape Town

Last week MyCityByNight broke the news that the current World Number 1 DJ, host of the biggest radio show on the planet and all round general musical genius Armin van Buuren will be visiting Cape Town as part of his ASOT500 World Tour. Naturally we were over-joyed and in preparation for what is surely going to be the biggest rave ever, we started doing some market research as to where best to purchase ridiculous quantities of glow sticks in aaaalll the colours of the rainbow… that’s right, real excitement.

Smirnoff SA confirmed that Armin van Buuren will also be mystifying Cape Town audiences on the 17th of March, while he is down in South Africa as part of his ASOT500 (A state of trance episode 500) tour in addition to the Jozi date already booked. The venue is yet to be confirmed, with the party being another invite only affair- you can win tickets by buying selected Smirnoff products at your local Spar Tops and then entering the codes on these on their FB page- the full mechanic of which we’ll explain once we’ve got all the details.

UPDATE: Fans need to purchase either a 6 pack of Smirnoff Storm or Smirnoff Spin or 750ml Smirnoff Triple Distilled bottleย  to be eligible to enter the competition. The packs will be in outlets from the 1st Feb and competition ends on the 1st March

There is also anย  intercity component whereby Smirnoff will be hosting 100 couples from outside of CT to attend the CT Exclusive Event . This prize includes meals , ground transfers , 5* Accommodation and flights.

And what about organising a few invites for the late night alumni you ask? Well… This is MyCityByNight afterall… We’ll see what we can do ๐Ÿ˜‰

In the mean time, have a squizz at this video and get amped…

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  1. We are going to see Armin again! Thank you Smirnoff!
    The only thing we need now is the Venue!

    See Ya there!

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