Are you a Twitter sexist?

Twee Q

Twitter has become a fairly large part of my life since I joined the social networking service a few years back. I talk about what’s for lunch, how much I love Manchester United as well as the occasional joke but more than anything else I use Twitter to stay abreast of what is happening in the World. However, not once have ever thought that my tweets are sexist… Apparently I was wrong.

Swedish organisation, Crossing Borders has created a service called Twee-Q that scans your last 100 tweets to determine if you are a sexist. Admittedly, the thinking behind the tool is a little bit faulty as it only looks at how many of your last retweets have been of male users compared to female ones. So if you had to follow this logic, RT’ing only guys would make you sexist.

As you can see by my score above (@RickyBynight) – my Twitter activity is slightly more skewed to retweeting stuff from other guys on Twitter that I follow, making me a sexist (I think). Out of the thousands of people that have already used Twee-Q, there appears to be a skew in results with an average score of 4.9 (a perfect score is 10 – resulting in an equal male/female retweet count). I scored a fairly close to average 4 – which means I’m like half sexist or something. If you’d like to try it out for yourself, head on over to Twee-Q and give it a shot.

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