Are Kim & Kanye naming their kid “North”?


I like Kanye West’s music but even I think that when it comes to the way he acts the rest of the time, he tends to lean towards the side of douchebaggery – something, that if sources can be trusted, is going to become even worse.

From reports of a source “close” to Kim Kardashian and Kanye it appears that ‘Ye is hell bent on naming his first born West, which would in effect mean that the child would be named after a direction found on compass… North West. There are several reasons why this is probably not a good idea, none of which are apparent to good old Kanye. To be honest calling the kid North is probably a better choice than sticking to the age-old Kardashian tradition of naming the kids with names that begin with the letter K.

I’m just interested to see what this means for the rest of us, living in the South (instead of the North). Are we now going to be uncool? Certainly not. Nobody is as uncool as someone who wants to call their upcoming album ‘I Am God’, which is what the same source has said about Kanye’s plans for the naming of his next album. Does the crazy ever end?

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