Archive – Get Some Visions (3D Vision Tribute Mix)

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To say thanks for hitting the 5k mark on Facebook, Archive of 3D Vision & Psymedia, has assembled a monster nighttime mix featuring over 100 minutes of exclusive 3D Vision artists & releases…and yes, it’s a FREE DOWNLOAD for all, ENJOY!


1. Koxbox vs. Absolum – My Name Is Joe
2. Absolum vs. CPU – One Step
3. Ex-Gen feat Smashed – Re-established
4. Locked Locker – Substance D *
5. Darth Raiders – Vertigo
6. X-Side – Be Quiet
7. Z3RO – Reset
8. Absolum vs. Lost & Found – Power Science
9. Outer Signal vs Ex-Gen – Extreme Signal
10. Remove – Costumers
11. Khopat – Atomic Energy
12. System Sequence – Spiral Spaceship
13. Theoreme vs Animateck – Wasabi
14. Ex-Gen – Zombification (Tetrikal RMX) *
15. Shift – Kamidogu (Lost & Found RMX)
16. Absolum – Hadracadabra (Live Edit) *
17. Synergy – Owner

All Tracks W&P & appear courtesy of 3D Vision Recordings, except:
* Track 4 – courtesy of Digital Psionics;
* Track 14 – courtesy of Dropland Recordings;
* Track 16 – courtesy of Hadra Records

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