Arcade Studio – An Ode to Individuality | Kool Kidz NFT Collection Drops Soon

The Kool Kidz NFT collection is a newly sprouted arm of an established animation agency, Arcade Studio. The Gen 1 collection features 5000 one-of-a-kind characters, each sporting an unmistakably 90’s rebel aesthetic, and is set to drop on the 28th of February 2022 – but the mint is just the beginning of the Kool Kidz Arcade grand plan.

“What are NFTs” and “How do I get in on them” are questions that circle boardrooms, marketing strategy sessions, and social media feeds around the globe. These conversations have attracted those who have a taste for immortalized, decentralized art, and want to ensure that they have a stake in the future. For the first time in a long time, creativity is having its moment under the digital sun. Many talented artists are able to share their work with an accessible, engaged, rapidly growing community of art collectors.

Arcade Studio, the birthplace of the new Kool Kidz NFT collection, is an ad industry stalwart with a proven history and track record of commercial work in design and illustration for some of the world’s most renowned brands, from Samsung and Apple to Facebook, LinkedIn and many others.

The Kool Kidz collection is inspired by the idea of nurturing individuality in all its forms – a movement that’s always
underpinned ‘90’s kid’ culture. It’s all about expression, self-acceptance, and a sense of confidence that can only come from Each one-of-a-kind character has been created by an in-house-generated algorithm designed and coded by the pro team at Arcade Studio. The algorithm pulls together completely unique combinations, making up each of the 5000 characters by sewing together hundreds of specially designed accessories, clothing and human features. Each and every element has been crafted in the iconic Kool Kidz style.

Not to mention the exciting collaborations with some of the greatest influencers in the NFT space.

The Kool Kidz Website is Live!

To learn the most about this unique and exciting collection, the website has been launched prior to the release of the
collection, the site features more about the Kool Kidz NFT as well as the road map showcasing the extended vision of the project. As always, the type of animation, illustration, artwork and development remains unique and sought after, synonymous with the Arcade Studio brand.

The mint is just the beginning, the goal is an animated series

With a vision for creating curated toys, merch, and exclusive items for verified holders, as well as a plan of action already in the works to drive the possible production of an animated show linked to a potential partnership with one of the greatest animations production houses in the USA. The plan in talks is geared to drive the idea of a series where the Kool Kidz characters will be the main protagonists of the series – this opportunity will be further explored as the project unfolds and on the basis, the project earns its goal of 100% sell-out! Either way, it’s clear the Kool Kidz are in it for the long game. Kool Kidz NFT holders and the greater digital community may even get the opportunity to vote on their favorite characters and provide their input as the physical products – and more – begin to take shape. Watch this (decentralized, highly-inspired) space.

About Arcade Studio

Arcade is a creative studio of designers who share their love of storytelling through 3D animation and illustration. The Cape Town-based animation agency is known for its playful and colorful work, which over the last decade has come to life in the many visual identities of the characters they create. The design-driven studio develops engaging campaigns through animated stories that are always fun to watch! Arcade’s portfolio is a wonderland of bold colors featuring characters that are unique and full of personality. The studio has worked on campaigns for well-known brands and agencies across the globe such as Apple,Ogilvy, Task Rabbit, Facebook, Google, Paypal, Saatchi and Unicef.

Mint Price

The collection will be minting at 0.08 Eth + Gas.
Wallets are limited to two kidz per mint.

Drop Timing

Presale, February 28, 11am PST / 2pm EST
Public Sale, February 28, 2pm PST / 5pm EST

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