April Fools!!!

Ok ok, we know that it may not have been such a good idea to use good ol Deadmau5 as the content for an April Fool’s joke judging by the riots that ensued right outside the MyCityByNight offices with fans that desperately wanted more details… We just couldnt resist- April Fools Day comes around but once a year and its the one day where we are silly (ok that may not be true)

So once again let me stress- DEADMAU5 is not coming to Cape Town- well not anytime soon at least… Lets keep those fingers crossed!!!

Have an absolutely awesome Easter Long Weekend- If you are out and about please be safe! Party hard and party safe!! We’ll try and take some pics of everywhere that we manage to get ourselves out to this weekend!


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  1. thats a relief! was worried we'd have to decide between going and seeing him or donating a testicle to medical research… would have been a close call but think i would have rather sacrificed a nut!

  2. ricks, if given the option you would rather have a testicle removed then go see a deadmau5 show… thought you were a fan?? anyhoos… good joke, got me 😛

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