Apple iPad 3 – first specs

Yesterday’s Apple iPad 3/HD launch exposed some of the details around the much anticipated new tablet as well a serving as a platform for further info on the newly launched Apple TV set-top box which now supports an HD 1080p screen with content for Apple TV can be stored on iCloud, Apple’s cloud computing platform, allowing them to access it across multiple devices.

The iPad 3 includes a retina display that is powered by the A5X (a system-on-chip with quad-core graphics), a 5-megapixel camera, and 4G LTE (a new technology for mobile internet). The new iPad is designed to provide a smoother experience for gaming, video/photo editing as well as enabling the ability to jam with other musicians in real-time from the device.

Here’s what we know already:

Design: The “iPad 3” doesnt really look any different from the iPad 2. All the changes happen on the inside.

Weight: One of the issues with the iPad is that it remains a little heavy. Alas, with the new Retina display, better cameras, and faster processor, Apple werent able to reduce the weight of the device (it measures 9.4mm thin and weighs 1.44 pounds for the WiFi-only version).  As it stands the new iPad weighs about an ounce more than the iPad 2.

The processor: Instead of getting the much talked about A6 processor this iPad comes with an A5X, which does at least have a quad-core processor. Apple says the A5X offers “four times the performance” of Nvidia’s Tegra 3 chip.

Storage: For now there’s a max of 64 GB’s of space with no expansion slot.

Siri: Whoops, no Siri (the voice-controlled iPhone virtual assistant feature is blatantly missing).

iOS: No iOS 6 I’m afraid, it’s only iOS 5.1 for now.

Name: Well, for now it doesnt have one. Apple have gone with calling it “the new iPad,” until they actually think of a suitable name.

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