Apparently Nicki Minaj wanted to be a nurse when she was growing up


A big deal has been made about the following clip after Nicki Minaj released her video for Anaconda earlier last week. In the clip taken from video of a very young Nicki at school she says that she’d like to grow up to be a nurse, because this was a great way for her to help other people. All that I’m left asking is: What the Hell happened?

I’m pretty sure what she does now is only helpful to about 1% of the World’s population (ie the strippers). Leaves you wondering if it makes any sense to make up your mind about a certain career, pursuing learnings in the field when you’re a youth, given that you almost always end up not doing that as your daily job.

Anyways – enjoy having a lol over a young Nicki Minaj with more wholesome goals and aspirations.

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