Anyone Know Why There’s A Massive Statue of The Terminator In The Middle of Birmingham?

The T800 Terminator has just appeared in Birmingham...

We’re big fans of The Terminator here at MCBN and were sent this by one of our mates living over in Birmingham in the UK. Apparently a six foot statue of the T-800 appeared in the middle ofnthe city’s Jewellery Quarter outside The Eight Foot Grocer cafe on Caroline Street yesterday and owner Chris, decided he needed to let the World know:

The statue wasn’t there yesterday, but had mysteriously appeared when we arrived to open up on Tuesday.

It is stood in the middle of Caroline Street, keeping guard over the Jewellery Quarter.

We tweeted a picture of it early on Tuesday, but as of yet nobody has come forward to claim the statue.

No-one knows where it has come from.

We’re waiting for the T1000 to appear next.


I mean, what’s that all about? Surely even if you didn’t want the T 800 anymore you could just sell it to a fan? Maybe there’s something brewing in terms of a Terminator theme park for Birmingham? Guess we’ll need to wait and see.

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