A Great Dont Drink and Drive Campaign.


Of all the adverts Brandhouse have brought out with their “Drive Dry” campaign, this one has to be the best. At first it may seem like a lag but the more I saw this picture the more I shuddered at the thought of chilling in that cell for even 1 day. I think they hit the nail on the head with this one. If this picture isn’t enough, take a look at this one and think about it for it a second…

Basically… Don’t drink and drive…

Unless you want to hang out with those okes…


Okay, now that is just too much… Heavy days.

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  1. @Jess P: Now that you got me thinking about, can you imagine the video they would make of it, scary shit!

    @Neil: hahaha, could you imagine a little late night cuddle with Papa every night?

  2. womans cells as bad!! 8 – 15 in a cell huge scary dyke gangsta ladies making u there wyfie.. its tough on both sides no1 wants to go in there 🙂

    but other than that very good add strikes fear into people not like the other ridiculous drive alive adds … but this pretty deep

  3. Scary stuff.. great campaign by SAB. We recommend you always use a taxi, nominate a designated driver or stay sober!

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