Another Dad Has Used His GoPro Camera The Wrong Way Around On His Holiday

Another Dad Has Used His GoPro Camera The Wrong Way Around On His Holiday

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If you remember, we featured an Irish dad who managed to somehow use his GoPro the wrong way around for an entire trip to Vegas some time back and are happy to say he’s not alone in his lack of understanding of video technology after we came across a video of another dad who had done the same.

A guy visiting Amsterdam called Howard Newman has given us what must be close to the best ever six minutes of facial expressions that we’ve ever seen. The whole time he’s filming his adventures around Amsterdam with his wife Jean, he never once realises that he’s got the camera facing the wrong way (even after his wife points it the correct way, only for him to turn it back the other way upon receiving it back).

Shame man, what is it with old people and pointing GoPros the wrong way? The couple’s son Mark noticed his dad’s mistake when he returned the camera to edit the footage and put everything up on the social medias. Here’s what he had to say:

I lent my Dad my GoPro for his holiday to Amsterdam with my mum, when he returned it with much anticipation of me editing his footage we realised that he had been filming with the camera the wrong way around.

He blames the buttons being in the wrong place.

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