Anonymous Eskom Engineer Leeks Info On Reddit And The News Is Bad


Recently, someone claiming to be a newly appointed engineer at Eskom popped up on Reddit and gave supposed insight on the status quo of the utility during an AMA. In a nutshell, it doesn’t look good.

Engineer just joined Eskom at one of their power stations AMA [ask me anything]” – Technician735, Reddit

While no one can confirm if the anonymous Reddit user, who goes by the brand new handle Technician735, is in fact employed by Eskom, Bussiness Insider SA decided to present the anonymous leaker’s information to an energy expert and Eskom. In typical fashion, Eskom did not respond but energy expert and activist Ted Blom says the information checks out and on a technical note, the news is bad, with the leak stating it could take Eskom’s power stations five years to be fully up and running again. Find out why on Business Insider and read the full AMA here.




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