Animax is GONE!!

So yesterday after having a chat to my mate Beego, I was in the mood for a spot of aimless TV watching and traditionally quite over the top Asian entertainment… So instead of going over to “” I decided to flick on the ANIMAX channel on DSTV for some epic anime!

Instead of the satisfaction of slow motion sword fights and killing foes with mystical but deadly flower petals, I was met with a blank screen telling me that the channel had been removed on the 31st October- no consulting with the public- nothing!

I was quite bummed really- where the hell am I supposed to watch Takeshi’s Castle and Ninja warrior, or catch up on the absolutely epic anime series Bleach??!!! Apparently the channel will be replace by a “new & exciting” offering from Sony International in February 2011 (please please please, we don’t need ANOTHER Sony Entertainment channel 113).

I really do wish that they would consult the public before adding or taking away channels on DSTV, it really would help!

Bye Bye ANIMAX!!! Thanks for the hours of entertainment! Guess its back to the internet for my fix of anime and crazy Asian programming…

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  1. I think that Animax De-valued Anime at times because it was often dubbed. But i think that its just how Otaku felt because we were in it before the South African hype.

    The Channel had its highlights , With Deathnote and Tenjou Tenge, even Bleach..

    but such is life..

    Sayonara Animax

    1. I have no idea what I am going to do… Speaking of Bleach- you wouldnt happen to have the last couple of episodes of the first season would you Fates??? I still dont know whether Ichigo kicks the Captains asses in the end… *sigh*


      1. Actually Ricky…. I can help you there… I have been following Bleach for the past 5 years…the first Saga (not season) is about 70 eps and i think you only watched about 40 odd? Bleach is reaching its 300 episode at the end of this year.. so you have a ton of catching up to do.. and its so Sugoi to watch it unfold..

        1. BOOOOM! I’ll drop you a mail shortly!!

          Its one of my favourites- the story lines are the best and I’ve never seen anyone die with such beauty before!!! Gin Ichimaru ftw!! 🙂

  2. Good riddance I say.

    Animax was really awesome when it started despite the dubbing. It was getting better and better when shows like Bleach, Ghost In The Shell SAC and Deathnote started appearing.

    Then some no-doubt mentally soft person decided it would be a good idea to put reality shows on it. The rest is history.

    Animax is a case study for mismanagement and poor research. What, do no Otaku work at their offices? If they employed Otaku they would know that we are a very niche and hard-to-please audience. All that they managed to do was isolate the very people DSTV wanted to capture.

    The channel misunderstood, misrepresented and underestimated us – showing more reality shows than Anime (downright stupid for a channel called ANIMAX). They took our love of a beautiful art form and thought we would get the same kicks out of shallow, perverse and non-animated garbage.

    Animax won’t be remembered for how good it was at the beginning. It will be remembered for the complete and utter waste of time it died as. It was the worst channel in DSTV history – an insult to the intelligence and taste of otaku everywhere.

  3. Takeshi’s Castle, Unbeatable Banzuke and Ninja Warrior, that was my nightly viewing on Animax and now its gone! Fuck you MULTICHOICE!!

    1. I’d just like them to ask us once in a while! Its freakin irritating!

  4. Sing with me now!

    Its all about the money
    Its all about the dum dum…….
    And I don?t think Its funny
    to see us fade away
    Its all about the money
    Its all about the
    I think we got it all wrong, anyway.

    1. Jaco: You dont even understand my bleakness… Ninja Warrior, Takeshis Castle and Unbeatable Banzuki – 3 of my favourite DSTV shows! 🙁 GONE!!!!

  5. its the best channell ever my favourite series was eureka 7 it was awesome and they won’t even negotiate about putting it back on

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