Angry Woman Has A Poo On The Floor Of A Restaurant

And that's not all... she even ended up flinging it at the waitron

We’ve all been appalled by some ridiculous rule enforced by the staff at a restaurant or restaurant chain but have you ever been so angry that you’ve decided to take a crap on the floor right there? Probably not.

The backstory is apparently that the woman was denied access to a Tim Horton’s restaurant toilet in Langley, British Columbia all the way over in Canada and then decided that she’d take a squat right there in front of the waitron (and there you thought Canadians were super chilled). To make things even worse, she then picked up her no.2 and threw it at the waitron. Excessive.

The whole incident ended with the Canadian Mounted Police showing up to arrest the woman, who is now awaiting trial for indecent exposure and assault (with poo).

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