And the MCQP winners are

Its officially the festive season, which in itself deserves a bit of a celebration… Thankfully MCQP this weekend is going to serve as a what can only be described as a spot of light hedonism for the MyCityByNight crew and all the peeps who have gone through the effort of whipping together an outfit for the Africa’s biggest themed costume party.

We ran a little competition to ensure that a couple of you MCBN alumni are able to join the Flower Power fun this Saturday at the Cape Town stadium, which is relatively cool (#justsaying).

Those lucky winners are:

Daniel Graham Hack


Shiraz Reddy

Samantha Laura Kaye


Congratulations kids- You will be contacted on the details left behind for us on your entries with details around collecting your tickets for MCQP 2010!

Looking forward to seeing all of you in your kit (or without it) come Saturday!!!!

For more information check out my earlier post about the event over HERE


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