Ancient Hipsters – Artists Turn Louvre Statues Into Hipsters

Nothing is safe from the Hipsters. Soon, they’ll be rocking their baggy knit pullovers in just about every coffee shop from here to France- which is where the latest bit of hipster expressionism is rearing its ugly head.

In what is probably the most ridiculous news from the weekend- photographer Léo Caillard and digital artist Alexis Persani pooled their skills and collaborated on a series of hipster-inspired sculptures shots called ‘Street Stone.’ Apparently, the project is about an examination of the effect that clothing and stance have on people’s perceptions. Caillard and Persani photographed the sculptures and then asked their mates to stand in similar poses and model the outfits. These images were then manipulated and the clothes were digitally placed on the classic statues at the Louvre.

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