Anatomical and Emotional Gin Journeys in Cape Town

We give The Secret Gin Bar a 5 star. Why not go a little earlier and enjoy some artisan chocolate, at Honest?!

As the doors to Honest Chocolate close, the ones to a secret little Mediterranean piazza open, and a little-hidden gin bar comes alive. After a long day at work, or in preparation for a boozy, yet class filled weekend, head over to The Gin Bar for their twists on classic Gin & Tonics and a laid-back evening.

All about the gin, let the connoisseurs guide you through an anatomical and emotional gin tasting from the Hope, Head, Heart, Ambition and Soul. Each cocktail comes with a particular gin, paired with a specific tonic, and a remedy. Whether it cures heartache, depression, impotence or impulse buying, each remedy is expertly crafted with fresh ingredients.

Mixed with olive brine, rosemary, basil, grapefruit, strawberries, star anise or a traditional cucumber, these are definitely no ordinary cocktails. Having tried one of each, our favourite G&T’s had to be the Head and Ambition. Jorgensens Gin, Barker & Quinn tonic, thyme, star anise and lime perfectly balance out to give you Head – no pun intended – curing melancholy, depression, self-esteem, as well as headaches. However, Ambition beat the Head just by a smidge, with its classic Cucumber, Triple Three Juniper Gin, Fevertree Elderflower tonic, thyme, and just enough cinnamon to enhance the cucumber and thyme – you can expect this to remedy impulse buying, arrogance as well as lust.

With a backstory to each drink, and a beautiful setting, we give The Gin Bar a 5 star and why not go a little earlier and enjoy some artisan chocolate, at Honest?!

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