Amstel Lager – The Boxer [exclusive]

Amstel Lager have put together one hell of an advert. The advert tells the story of boxer, Thapelo ‘Tick Tock’ Mokoena, and the community that supports him as he learns to take his time and rediscover the joy of boxing, setting him on the path to a glorious comeback. I must admit, besides the insanely cool story behind the ad, I really enjoyed the soundtrack “Crystalised” by “The xx”, which was re-recorded and enhanced in South Africa to bring a unique voice to the story. Don’t let me hold you back any longer from the ad itself, it is definitely one of the better South African ads you will see.

The campaign is a launching 60-second television clip today at 11pm and cinema commercial on Sunday, July 22. We have the exclusive 2 minute directors cut, right here for you!

See more of the awesome story right here:

AMSTEL LAGER is back in the ring with a knock-out TV ad! 

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  1. This ad makes me so proud to be a part of OwenKessel. Well done guys! You deserve every bit of glory that is coming your way!

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