Ampersand at AND Nightclub

And is back in action with something that is set to change Saturday clubbing with Ampersand at AND


It’s actually been kind of weird for us, not being at And, partying the night away on a Saturday. Thankfully, the electronic music gods have listening to our pleas and are introducting the Ampersand – Jozi’s new forward thinking approach to Saturday night clubbing.

“Resembling a broken infinity, the ampersand reminds us that nothing truly lasts forever, but there is always an AND.”
The very first edition kicks off with a fairly solid lineup and will surely offer up a night of hedonistic fun at one of Jozi’s best clubs.

DJ Line Up:
Ricardo Pinto
Matt Bouton
Black Pulse

Pre-register : R60 at Nutickets
Door : R80

And x Deep Town

39a Gwi Gwi Mrwebi Street Newtown
R.O.A.R. Right of Admission is Reserved

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