AMPERSAND – A Short Freestyle Skate Film


This is the beginning of many short freestyle skateboarding films created by the Break Your Crayons Collective, a new breed of digital artist collectives, currently situated in Vancouver, Canada.

 Ampersand is a short 5-minute skate film showcasing the talents of one of Canada’s (and now Japan’s) top freestyle skateboarders, Ryan Brynelson.

Brainchild of filmmaker, Marc Whitelaw, we follow Ryan skating on an early summer morning to a flatland area in Stanley Park, B.C. Trying to stick as close to a classic freestyle skate film as possible, this short film will keep your hunger, for all things freestyle, at bay… plus give you an extra nugget of magic to bite off at the end!

As with the BYC Collective’s nature, Ampersand was created outside of core studio hours, by a group of friends who are currently working in the worlds of: Production, Animation, Visual Effects & Sound Design for TV, Film, Gaming and Web Based Industries.

This project was created without a faint hint of any budget and was funded by the pure stoke and excitement we all have for our respective industries. It was this joy combined with our passion for action sports that inspired us to create something a little different

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