Indie-pop band Amor Amor presents their debut single ‘Pieces of Summer’

Amor Amor

CHIANOSKY and SASHA RIGHINI bring you your new favourite indie pop band Amor Amor, brighten up your spirits, and get on your feet. Their debut single, PIECES OF SUMMER (released 30 April) breathes a mixture of soul and modern indie impelling you to forget your troubles and let yourself go in the music.

These esteemed musicians, singer-songwriter CHIANOSKY, and producer guitarist SASHA RIGHINI came together last year when the world stood still to create an album full of unapologetic, highly energetic, decadent future classics. Their debut single PIECES OF SUMMER is armed with guitar hooks and jubilant vocal expressions.

“PIECES OF SUMMER is about the pure love of music and how it takes you away from time to time. It’s for dancing, being yourself, doing whatever the fuck you want and not thinking too hard about it’’ SASHA RIGHINI.

Fans can look forward to hearing a sprinkle of the magic on PIECES OF SUMMER: An easy ride, nostalgic dance, feel-good first look at this songwriting duo AMOR AMOR.

Amor Amor debut album ‘Vol. 1’ is set for release soon so strap yourself in for an unparalleled soundscape of 21st-century love. Watch the official music video for Pieces of Summer below and STAY UP TO DATE WITH ALL THINGS Amor Amor, RIGHT HERE.

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