American Apparel releases t-shirt with a bloody vagina on it (no jokes)

american apparel

The peeps over at American Apparel are at it again with their crazy brand of marketing (see above) and range selection. After managing to piss off virtually every watch-group out there  with their previous line of advertising and recruiting a mass army of hipsters, happy to pay the ridiculously high prices, the clothing giants have now managed to do something so shocking to the standard print t-shirt that everyone has sat up and taken notice.

American Apparel have just released a t-shirt in their online shop that has a print of a menstruating vagina on it. I kid you not – they’ve actually gone and designed a shirt with a bleeding fanny on it. I love fashion but DAMN – I think this is a little bit too advanced for me.

american apparel in store

Now… Lets see that up close:

american apparel vag shirt

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