Ameen Harron- Peter Parker Swag

Ameen Harron’s first claim to fame was going to school with Kreg (haha, jokes). His noteriety actually stems from churning out a string of hit singles for HHP, Slikour, Kwesta, Gang of Instrumentals, Zubz, Danny K and many more as a super producer of sorts. Now Ameen has decided to step up and release his very own track and solo debut single “Peter Parker Swag”.

The track has been doing the rounds on GHFM and I’m sure that more SA airplay will follow, which is a real testament to how much commercial radio has shifted. Peter Parker Swag combines vocals with a minimal electronic sound, which is really what we’re hearing globally.

When asked about the track, Ameen stated:

“I was merely making music and having fun. No expectations, no formulas, just the moment and only what made that moment relevant.”

The Cape Town based record producer, DJ, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer is a unique product of his era and will stop at nothing to stamp his own signature sound on the local scene.

If you’re keen to give the track a listen check it out at Twitter’s music sharing platform Twitrax. I’m sure we’ll be having a chat to Ameen soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

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