Ambious Records presents “Evergreen Vol. 1”

Looking back on the past few years, Ambious Records are proud to have amassed a range of diverse and immaculate compositions from artists all around the world and that is what they’re celebrating with their very first ‘best of’ compilation, ‘Evergreen Vol.1’.

Featuring 20 of our current favourite Ambious Records tracks to date across the spectrum of Ambious’ releases, including tracks by, Fluida, Nick Supply, Massive Muzik, Pierre Johnson, T. I. B., Fu Dog, beatsbyhand, Sides, LADS, MKLY, Teagan Lee Jake Hoffman, DR. 1MORE, KVRVBO, LEMMA, VVeber, Avi Subban, Guy Herman, Weston & Engine, DNA, HOUSPLNT, Mooij, Polar Inc., The Cavemen, Adam De Smidt, Cornelius, TEIAO & Cadenza.


Fluida – Asuba (Original Mix)
Nick Supply – Sundays (Original Mix)
Massive Muzik – You Know (Original Mix)
Pierre Johnson, T. I. B. – South Odyssey (Original Mix)
Fu Dog – Placid (Original Mix)
beatsbyhand – Ah! (Original Mix)
Sides – Indian Venster (LADS Remix)
MKLY  – Alpha feat. Teagan Lee & Jake Hoffman (Original Mix)
DR. 1MORE – Sunday Blues (KVRVBO Remix)
LEMMA, VVeber – Foreword (Original Mix)
Avi Subban – Syko (Original Mix)
Guy Herman, Weston & Engine – Above Or Below The Center (Original Mix)
DNA – Midnight (Original Mix)
HOUSPLNT – I’ve Lost You (Original Mix)
DNA – Solis (Mooij Remix)
Polar Inc. – Cinematic Summer feat. Bella Maria (Original Mix)
The Cavemen – Tied (Original Mix)
Adam De Smidt – A Clockwork Porridge (Cornelius Remix)
TEIAO – Pretoria (Original Mix)
Cadenza – Flow (Original Mix)

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