Amature Poker Player Wins $1.6 million from $135 Buy In

Amature Poker Player Wins $1.6 million from $135 Buy In - What a story!

amature poker win

We all know that a good poker player is one that can count and then read the behaviour of the other players that they’re up against in order to make calls on whether to fold or engage in a hand. One guy that we’re going to need to keep our eyes on for the future is a dude by the name of Shurane Vijayaram from Australia, who recently entered a tournament at a local casino for $135 and then won it, which gave him a $10k seat at the Aussie Millions tournament. Amazingly, he went on to win that too with a pair of 5’s after making a spectacular call of a bluff from Ben Heath in the main event.

Ben Heath is a proper poker pro and got his ass handed to him by this an amature – what a Cinderella story. Check out the footage below of Shurane going over the calls in the hand and then deciding to match the all in call, which gave him his million dollar victory below:

Mental. What a bloody legend!

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