Amanda Bynes trolls Rihanna on Twitter

amanda bynes

MyCityByNight has remained pretty much free of Amanda Bynes news until now. A few hours ago the ex-Nickelodeon star went onto Twitter to have a proper go at pop singer Rihanna for no apparent reason, lambasting her with some rather nasty (and slightly racist) tweets.

The 27-year-old actress has been going bat-shit crazy since the moment she finally gained access to the fortune she made from being a child-star with a bunch of really bizarre antics inside bathrooms and in the full view of the general public when out on the town. Case in point the photo below:

amanda bynes in the bathroom

For some inexplicable reason, good ‘ol not-so-wholesome Amanda Bynes thought that it would be a rad idea to tweet Rihanna about her relationship with Chris Brown and her face (which Amanda deemed to be substandard). Amanda deleted the tweets soon after but not before zillions of people from around the World had screenshotted and reposted them.

Amanda Bynes tweets rihanna

Yup, the Amanda Bynes / Lindsay Lohan Race To Death is clearly a whole lot closer than we originally thought. It really is a matter of time before we see the ex-child star in the Betty Ford clinic, or even worse yet, as a guest judge on a reality singing show. After Rihanna saw the very personal messages from Amanda she responded in the way that most would, by subtweeting the crap out of her next Tweet (don’t worry, we think Amanda figured you were talking about her Riri).rihanna tweets amanda bynes

Someone needs to help this chick and give her a little bit of sound advice like DONT light up a joint in a hotel lobby or release statements saying that the arresting officer involved in the incident had caressed your vagina while throwing you in the back of the van. A little bit of discretion would do wonders…

amanda bynes smoking a pipe


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