Alyssa Milano Sex Tape has been leaked on the internet

Alyssa Milano's sex tape

If you’re around about my age and a straight guy, you probably grew up thinking that Alyssa Milano was quite a hotty. So you can well imagine how excited I got when I saw her official account tweet this:

“My sex tape was leaked. Not sure what to say. Going to post the link myself to try to control the situation”

There I was, taking a deep breath preparing myself for a couple of minutes of crotch warming viewing when sadly, I learnt that the sex tape was in fact a clever ploy by the people over at “Funny or Die” to educate the generally stupid American public about the crisis in Syria. Hey, she got me, just like I got you when you clicked this link hoping to see some raunchy celeb home video action.

Here’s the “leaked” video – which is totally safe for work.

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