Always forgetting your swimming costume? The THINGTHONG is for you

We’ve all had those days when we arrived at a party on the hottest day of the year, having forgotten our swimming cossies. Everyone else splashes around like whales on heat, while you miss out on all the fun. Well not anymore thanks to BBH Creative Director, Douglas Hamilton.

Douglas has had the vision to create the incredibly stylish solution to an everyday problem called the ThingThong. The ThingThong is pretty much a slip-slop that double as a bathing suit thong. The elastic straps on the flip-flops stretch wide enough to wrap around your ass creating ‘thong’ portion of the bathing suit, while the rubber undersoles of the slip-slops create the front bit to cover your “thing”.

I’m all into ingenuity in fashion but I’m not really sure if I could ever don one of these without feeling really odd.

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