Alleged Ikeys Rugby Player Assault


So here is the video of the alleged Ikeys rugby player assault on a woman. The student from the North-West University (Pukke) has accused a rugby player from the University of Cape Town (Ikeys) of assault, when she was struck in a brawl in a local restaurant after the 2014 Varsity Cup Final.

What your views? Should she have got involved?

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  1. Dont run into a fire and expect not to get burnt.
    My view is she is not going to be successful, from the evidence above it is clear she was provoking the guy.
    People are animals and have animal instincts.. the guy was clearly backed into a corner, once that happens, animals snap and lash out…
    This is clearly the outcome…
    Im not saying any of this is right, but in my opinion she will not be successful in her application as he will probably rely on self defense or temporary insanity in which he raged and was not in control of his actions as he was under huge pressure to defend himself as he was being cornered and hit from all angles.
    I dont know any of these retards… just giving an opinion.

  2. Whatever!! She is trouble..cough – attention whore – cough…Would’ve done the same!!

  3. She asked for that one. You can’t hit someone like that and not expect to get it back. She should NOT have gotten involved.

    1. It was removed by the uploader for some reason. We are working on finding another one.

  4. He was blinded by pepper spray at the time of the assault. He had no idea it was a woman he was hitting!

      1. If you look to the left of the video (where the sliding door is) you will see a security guard (dressed in black) holding up his arm to spray pepper spray immediately before the UCT guy steps backwards (obviously trying to get away from the spray). You can also see him rub his eyes.

  5. Hey what was she doing running in and hitting the guy I would also punch her she deserves it she got involved……lekker man lekker jy wil mos!

  6. Look closely he bumped her with his elbow and the pulled her back by her hair / jacket. This is when she defended herself by trying to punch him and he landed a punch on her before smearing her face against the counter…

  7. I don’t believe its ever right for a man to hit a woman, no matter the circumstances. He’s a big, strong rugby player and he hit a girl. How can he justify that? Because she hit him first? If a child hit you first would you hit them like that? He hit her and then he looked like he tried to hold her down and hit her again. You can see that he saw her, you can see that he knew what he was doing. Yes, she attacked him but that does not justify him hitting her like that. Its bullshit that everyone jumps to defend this guy, he hit her so hard! It was unnecessary, he could have pushed her away or moved past her or held her arms but instead he punched her so hard she flew onto the table and then he grabbed her to hit her again. Fuck that.

  8. Why do woman even bother getting involved. You don’t see me getting involved in cat fights. Just sit back, watch the brawl, have a lag. She deserved a harder klap than that.

  9. This sickens me.. Yes that girl did absolutely no good getting involved but there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for hitting a girl like that. You can clearly see that he intended to hurt her and it was no accident. FUCK THAT DUDE!

  10. If you watch closely, at 40sec in the video you can clearly see the guard spraying the pepper spray in Kyle Kriel’s direction and almost instantly he starts to thrash about and is clearly disoriented from the lack of vision.

    It was truly a pity that Agathagelou took it on herself to a) get involved in a fight between rugby players, b) assault someone numerous times with an object then throw a punch and lastly c) say it is woman abuse and try to discredit the Varsity Cup and its cause against woman abuse because she got injured by jumping into a fight.

    It is also clear by Kyles body language in the rest of the video that he was blinded by the mace. Take a look at 46sec into the video, just before he hits her, he stumbles back and rubs his eyes, proof that he had been blinded by the mace.

    If i was in a fight with other strong, built men, surrounded, blinded and hit from all sides i would also thrash out and try to protect myself.

    It is truly unfortunate that while his vision was gone, Agathagelou rotated places with the other male, who Kriel was engaging with, and assaulted Kriel to which he retaliated to on instincts. All which is clearly visible in the security footage captured.

    By no means is this woman abuse as it is a cry for attention and an attempt to slander the UCT rugby teams reputation and sully their victory.

    If i choose to freely get involved in a fight between people and then get injured as a result, is that then their fault or my own? If i was a male and got injured as a result of adding, participating or breaking up a fight, people would not blink an eye. let alone cry out male abuse.

    Anyway that my opinion on the matter especially after viewing the surveillance footage several times. It is a pity people cry wolf when they are wronged after doing something wrong themselves. :/

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