All The Deadmau5 SA Tour Info You Need

Deadmau5, the Canadian progressive, electro and house music producer based in Toronto and known around the world for his over the top live performances, is coming to South Africa.

He will perform at Ratanga Junction in Cape Town on Thursday, 1st December, at the Wavehouse in Durban (unhooked) on Friday, 2nd December, and at Wildwaters H2O in Johannesburg on Saturday, 3rd December.   Tickets are on sale from Monday, 3rdOctober at Computicket(see ticket prices below).  The show is brought to you by Olmeca Tequila withAnything Goes, H2O and Showtime Management as the show’s producers.  Support acts details to follow shortly.

“Deadmau5 is without doubt the leading electronic music artist in the world right now. His advanced outlook on technology, ground-breaking production and electrifying live shows has earned him his legions of fans, and South Africa is no different. We are very pleased to (finally) be presenting the deadmau5 tour to the South African market including the Mau5 head and a world-class production to match. Get ready for the ride of your lives,” says Shaun Duvet, MD of Anything Goes.

Ticket prices are:

  • Ratanga Junction  Cape Town
    General Access Pre Sale  R300
    General Access Door – R350
    VIP Pre Sale  R400
    VIP Door  R500
  • Wavehouse – Durban  (unhooked)
    General Access Pre Sale  R300
    General Access Door – R350
  • Wild Waters H20
    General Access Pre Sale R330
    General Access Door – R380
    VIP Pre Sale R430
    Vip Door  R480
    V-VIP  R1500

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  1. ugh. Ratanga. And a Thursday. Will totally go anyway, but Ratanga?!?!

    Any idea what VIP gets you as opposed to general access?

    Shot for the info guys 🙂

    1. As soon as we know, we’ll let ya know Carrott.

      It is fairly strange, I mean, why not put Durban on a Thursday (no offence Durbs) because Cape Town peeps deserve a Friday event.

      Ratanaga… Your guess is as good as mine.

  2. Ratanga?!
    Anyone who has heard anything at Ratanga Junction will know that all we will hear is shitty, boomy, echoey, kak, messy, bass and maybe an almost inaudible, tinny, echoey, shit sprinkling of the rest of this music. How can you waste such masterful ground-breaking music on FUCKING RATANGA!!

  3. 4 days after Synergy. He should of just done it at Synergy in. Would have been so rad. I’ll go anyway. Shot for the info okes

  4. Am i right that if i buy a VIP ticket and during the night i want to go to the general access area, that its possible i can do that?? Just asking because my other friends will be regulars 😛
    Please someone let me know!

    1. We are not the organisers of the event and I could be completely wrong but if you are VIP you can go through VIP and general access as much as you like. General Access wont be able to access VIP obviously!!

  5. Totally Agree! VENUE sucks ASS! C’mon what was the ORGANIZERS thinking, do they not know under 15 parties happen at RANTAGA! and Its a Thursday! So WACK man! Geuss I’ll be flying to jozi! H20 ftw!

  6. I think the reason why they cannot do CT/JHB on successive nights is the equipment. Durban is an unhooked show, ie. no LED mau5 head and cube, just a DJ set.

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