All online shopping now allowed during lockdown level 4

All online shopping now allowed during lockdown level 4| Photo by on Unsplash

As of Thursday afternoon, all online shops will be allowed to sell anything as long as it does not include alcohol and tobacco under Alert lever 4 of lockdown.

According to the new regulations published in the Government Gazette, e-tailers will no longer be restricted to selling a small range of essentials and may return to trading their entire range of products and goods during SA’s lockdown.

Retail stores, however, will only be allowed to continue selling essential goods stipulated within the current regulations of trade under the Disaster Management Act.

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South Africa is one of the few countries to halt e-commerce and the sale of tobacco and alcohol as part of its lockdown response to the pandemic but President Ramaphosa announced on Wednesday evening that restrictions on e-commerce would be eased before the end of May.

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Now shopper can purchase just about anything online with the exception of booze and smokes of course. Online retailers will also have to implement stringent hygiene and safety protocols for both packaging and delivery and must “provide as many payment options as possible for consumers, that are based on reducing risks of transmission, and enabling poorer consumers to access delivery services.”

Government has stressed that e-tailers must also predominantly support small and local businesses and products where possible.

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