All About Liquid Rainbow’s Private Event Services And More.


If you live in Cape Town and love to party then you’ve definitely attended many of our long list of summer festivals. While it’s the DJ’s, bands and performers who rightfully take centre stage, it’s usually the Liquid Rainbow team who are the ones who really keep the ‘good times’ rolling with their efficient and friendly bar staff and endless fresh stock of your favourite poison.

While most who are entrenched in the nightlife and festival scene would imagine Liquid Rainbow’s Mobile bar services only to cater to major outdoor events but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Liquid Rainbow team are as versatile as they come, whether you’re in HR looking to plan your office function or a best mate planning an unsuspecting bachelor’s, Liquid Rainbow Mobile Bar Services has got your every need just about covered. Let’s take look where this versatile mobile team can fulfil your summer entertainment plans.



Liquid Rainbow’s resourceful team offers mobile bar services for all types and sizes of conferences, corporate and product launches, to an office or team celebration and year-end functions. Their services also expand to the likes of major fashion shows as well as small and large scale expos.


Looking for a one-stop mobile bar solution for your family-friendly food festival, arts & crafts flea market? Liquid Rainbow has got all your needs covered with a fully stocked bar that’s guaranteed never to run out.


From massive festivals to your very door-step, Liquid Rainbow’s versatility has no limits.

Hire their friendly team for a private function – whether it’s your wedding day, birthday bash, anniversary celebration, or even your mate’s bachelors party – Liquid Rainbow can provide!


From golf tournaments to marathons, to outdoor motocross events, it’s no hassle for the Liquid Rainbow team who’ve been in the business for decades. Your event requirements are their speciality whether your sporting event is large or small, overlooking the green or nestled near dusty dirtbike ramps, count them in!

Beyond moulding to your events requirements, the Liquid Rainbow team also offer efficient cleanup services of their area and ensure to recycle their waste. Depending on the nature of your event, the company even offers waiting staff too.

For information, follow Liquid Rainbow on Facebook and visit their website to get in touch.



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