Alien Safari was a step back in time… And it worked beautifully.

Mr Trance gives us his thoughts on Flying Circus... 10/10

All photos by Brent Vercuiel.

Trance music festivals in Cape Town are constantly changing. As more genres are introduced, the scene becomes more diverse and split up. Where we are now, most parties are sticking to a formula with their line up favouring a more progressive event. It’s something that is rarely deviated from… and why so? Don’t fix it, if it ain’t broken I always say…

But Alien once again pulled something out for the more hardened veterans. I’m talking about the old school die-hard fans of PSY trance. You know, the dudes that bash prog as often as they can, typically found on the Cape Town Psy Meme’s Page

This was like going back in time, to the old days of having small but intimate parties, where people didn’t just come for a ‘Sunday Funday,’ but one where they came to immerse themselves with the community.

It was much more than just music at Flying Circus. It was about the energy, the people, respect and of course, the music. I realize I just went cheesy as fuck and basically described P.L.U.R to you, but that’s exactly what Alien Safari Flying Circus was!

Everything was old generation; the music, the forest venue, the size, the people, the decor… It was just so refreshing to see again. The nostalgia was palpable from the moment you set foot into the forest.

We arrived pretty late by most standards, catching the last bit of what seemed like a heaving Rubix Cube set. It was dark and we had just come out of a 1 1/2 hour drive, so we needed to jump straight into the deep end of the party. We caught up after a few shots of tequila and we were in it, quickly morphing into the dancefloor.

I’m having a blast with some incredible full-on music and everyone I see is around me is enjoying it as much as I am. Before I know it, I get a tap on my shoulder and my friend points to the stage and says, it’s 3 minutes till Ajja… There’s a noticeable increase in the energy on the dance floor as we watch the dread-locked wizard set up his workstation. What happened over the next 3 hours (Yes, 3!!) could only be described as a crafted musical journey. The dude is a genius.

We stick around and dance the rest of the night away, the sun is coming up so we make the mission back to the car to get ready for the day. I decide to take a shortcut, only to find myself in a minefield of the biggest thorns you’ve ever seen in your life.

I hastily hop back with one foot to the dancefloor. It hasn’t decreased in size at all, which tells me a fair amount about the crowd and their dedication to the music flavour on show. We all have a Can of Tomato Soup for an 8 oçlock breakfast and let me tell you, it’s the most important meal of the day because they threw us into what was one of the most powerful Sunday’s I’ve had all

Mad Maxx was a definitely the person I was most excited to see. I had been obsessing over his music over the last week or 2 before the party. I was beyond excited to be on a dance floor when he played, but by this time I’m of course pretty drunk and I haven’t slept for about 24 hours… I stopped noticing who was playing, just got sucked into the fun of it all.

But out of nowhere, a sudden moment of clarity! I recognize the faintest hint of one an opening of one of his tracks and it clicks… Mad Maxx was playing!!

There is something so wild about listening to music you like on a real dance floor with 100’s, if not 1000’s of people dancing away while sonic energy surrounds everything… It can’t be compared to listening to music in your car, or with your headphones at home. It’s just…. so much better!

He did me proud and delivered a spectacular set. Pure madness. Just the way I like it.

The last 2 DJ’s also stood out for me. Phixius and Portal both introduced the more proggy side to the Sunday. Phixius managed to morph the psychedelic with prog perfectly and filled that Sunday afternoon with some of the meanest bangers that erupted the dancefloor into full dance mode.

Overall, it was an extremely positive experience. Alien Safari – Flying Circus was a step back in time and it worked beautifully. I do wish we would see more events like this. It’s really cool to see a brand that cares enough to cater for what is now, a niche market of trance lovers.

It has me looking at the calendar and marking myself down for the next Alien Safari event. Masqued Ball – You can’t come soon enough.

Pictures were taken by the legendary Brent Vercuiel. As with most good event photographers, he is sneaky. Like a ninja, you don’t notice him before it’s too late and he’s snapped 46 pictures of you while you probably look you suffering from a mild stroke. In all seriousness though, take a look at these awesome shots that were taken over the weekend.

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