Alien Safari – Sprung 2010

For those of you that missed it, shame on you! It was probably one of the greatest starts to the trance season I have ever had. Great venue, smiling faces and music that could have turned any frown upside down! Ian Badenhorst quickly got onto editing this video he made from Sprung and this is what he captured…

Ch-Ch-Check it out!


Filmed & Compiled by Ian Badenhorst

Vision on Fire | ©

Track: ‘U on Acid’ by The A-Team

Don’t worry, there is always Earthdance this weekend and what a party it is setting up to be!

See you all on the trance floor 🙂


Picture by: Pierre Hugo (check this guys stuff out if you haven’t, his pictures are amazing)

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  1. nice vid. very nice considering actually! whats it shot on? slightly over graded for my taste but looks cool. sad i missed it!

  2. @stroob: i shot it using basic sony Z5. had to overgrade a bit, due to grainy footage (seeing that i was also enjoying the party while shooting) 🙂 glad you like it

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