Alex Song gets iced by Puyol when he tries to lift 2013 La Liga Trophy

alex song la liga trophy

This is one of those moments that is going to make you feel one of two things – really sorry for Alex Song or completely overjoyed that Puyol could ice someone so easily. After moving to Barcelona from Arsenal Alex Song has been forced to play a bit-part role in one of the best teams in the World. Things went from ok to terrible for the midfielder when Carlos Puyol iced him when he attempted to raise the 2013 La Liga trophy that Barca had just won.

The trophy was given to the team captain Carlos Puyol after which he went looking for a team mate to help him lift the trophy, a deserving team mate like say Eric Abidal, who had, had a liver transplant earlier that season, still managing to play for the Spanish champions after that. Unfortunately for Song, for some bizarre reason he thought that Puyol was pointing him to help lift the trophy instead of Abidal, who was next to him and got his dream shattered as he was pushed aside by Puyol after stepping forward. Ecstasy to agony within a matter of seconds… Shame.

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