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Most of you remember last year’s crazy cool STR.CRD event down in Cape Town, where sneaker and street culture nuts were treated to some of the most creative design applications under the sun. MyCityByNight got to hang out with the one of the most gifted customizers this side of the planet Saturn, Alex Nash and catch up on a couple of episodes of Ninja Warrior while talking shop and being in general awe of his design and customizing skills.

Nash Money (as he’s also known), is also one of the most chilled out peeps we’ve ever met and you truly understand the meaning of humble when you meet this creative genius. He loved MyCityByNight and South Africa so much he hooked up some of the latest promo material surrounding his new venture for all of us to enjoy and drool over (thanks Thithi).

“Inspired Ingenuity” is Nash Money’s latest project and has already seen some huge coverage in International design quarters and we’re pretty sure that you are going to be equally slack-jawed when you see what he’s come up with.

Like any self-respecting young Londoner, Alex Nash (aka Nash Money) spent his earlier years fixated with athletic footwear. Growing up amid the sneaker one-upmanship of the late ’80s and early ’90s, his admiration for the panels, makeup’s and innovations that marked a golden age of sneaker design left him with an immense shoe addiction that has since grown into a major source of inspiration for designers and fans of footwear around the world.

Experimenting with construction and deconstruction (rather than simply adding painted patterns or colourways), Nash prefers to think of his customs more as ‘handiwork hybrids’ – a reference to the fact that he disassembles shoes for a better understanding of how they’re made and, in some cases, how they can be bettered- like a crazy inspired handyman. His many custom projects have led to a Barcelona-based solo show in association with Trust Nobody, and a prestigious place in the ‘Fashion v Sports’ exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

After producing a collection of 11 shoes inspired by the 11 cultures and languages in South Africa as well as producing a custom pair of sneakers inspired by the new Audi A1 in association with STR.CRD last year he’s back in 2011 with some new heat. Havana Club UK is currently running a competition that challenges artists, musicians and other creative talents to take the everyday and turn it into something special. To help promote the competition, Intercity – a UK based graphic design and art direction studio, recently commissioned three artists to create an inspired piece of work to illustrate what ‘Inspired Ingenuity’ is all about. Naturally Nash Money was one of the 3 artists chosen.

Inspired by music and sneakers, Alex Nash transformed a pair of all white Nike Air Force 1’s into a fully functional set of ‘Sneaker Speakers’. Choosing one of the most recognizable and iconic sneakers for it’s flat sole Nash took on the laborious task of incorporating electronics and carpentry into one of his most challenging customs to date.

Have a look at the gallery and be amazed. Goodness gracious dude, you’ve really outdone yourself this time!

This just goes to show that we are only limited by own creativity! BOOOM


For more information on the Havana Club competition, click here. Follow Nash on Twitter @nashmoney

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