Alex Nash aka Nash Money Interview

MyCityByNight got to do an interview with one of the people in the footwear world we consider a legend… Ladies and gents put your hands together and standing ovation to the legend that is Mr Alex Nash aka Nash Money

We did a video interview for you live at STR CRD, so you can kick back, sip on a cold one (or warm one if you at work) and watch! He speaks about the 11 shoes done to represent the 11 different cultures in South Africa, so guess what… We filmed them and put them here for you too! They are AMAZING!!!!!!!
Springbok Nike’s and Biltong adidas Originals! Damn, that’s some people idea of a good hunting trip!

The man is brilliant and he is a naughty little rascal too, as he has been to South Africa before! SNEAKY!

Go check out his website

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