Alchemy Records Special Preview January 2012 [Download]

While scrolling through my news feed, I came across this gem Broken Toy posted on his wall. It is a special recording of all Alchemy artists for Alchemy Records mixed by Rinkadink who is well known to many Capetonians. There are also some collaborations and remixes by some of the biggest names in the world including a couple of Broken Toy remixes as well as two intro tracks by Rinkadink himself. Take a listen to the final track when you get there by Avalon – it’s an absolute monster.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=ff7700″ width=”100%” height=”81″ ]

Rinkadink – Pirate Signal – Gameboy Remix (Unreleased)
Rinkadink – AB ZEE – (Coming soon on Hadra Records)
Waio vs Freakulizer – Bass Speaking – Broken Toy Remix ( Solartech Records)
Burn In Noise – Pitching (Spun Records)
M-theory and Pixel – Receptor ( Alchemy Records )
M-theory and Rinkadink – Jungle Mech ( Alchemy Records )
Juno Reactor – God is God – Cylon Remix ( Coming soon on Wakyo Records )
First Flex – Bright Lights ( Coming Soon on Alchemy Records )
Loud – Tales from the Loudmobile – Broken Toy Remix ( Coming soon on Nano Records )
Avalon – Into the New World – Sonic Species Remix ( Coming soon on Nano Records )

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