Alcazar NYE Interview | DEAN FUEL

Alcazar, the lavish inner-city NYE party will be hosted at an amazing indoor-outdoor location right at the foot of Table Mountain in the heart of the Mother City and will showcase 12 hours of music and performance art across three uniquely designed main stages including Bazique’s infamous Le Fee Verte.

We decided to get in touch with one of Cape Town’s most in-demand NYE artist to find out a bit more about Alcazar NYE, his recent trip to ADE and what we can expect from his set on NYE at Cape Town’s favourite inner-city NYE event. Dean will be taking us into 2020 as he takes the main stage from 23:30 pm on the 31st of December 2019.

Hit play below and carry on reading…

MCBN: MR FUEL… It’s always a pleasure sitting down and talking. We’re excited to see you headline this year’s NYE event, we’re pretty sure you’re busy as always on NYE but we’ve earmarked Alcazar as one of our favourites to attend this December, what are your thoughts on the rise of Alcazar’s inner-city NYE event? 


I had the privilege of playing into the countdown last year for Alcazar, and although it was only their 1st year on the scene – the collaborative energies that makeup Alcazar ensured it was one of the best parties of the entire year for me! This year, they are building on that success, and raising the bar even higher – I can’t wait to be back!

MCBN: You are always in demand on New Year’s Eve – and there can only be one event that lands you to ring in the stroke of midnight and the new year; what is so special about playing the midnight set on NYE?


It’s the emotion of the dancefloor that makes the countdown so special… everyone comes together with their loved ones, and best friends: the excitement builds and builds into the release of the final countdown – and at that moment, that celebration – you can almost feel everyone letting go of the year past, and embracing the positivity and promise of the year ahead… plus the champagne and kissing is always a plus 😉

MCBN: More importantly; how do deal with the enormous job of choosing the first track that plays after the countdown – the first track that meets everyone’s ears in those first moments of the New Year? What tracks have your historically played/been your favourite to play?


Honestly, can’t tell you what track I ended with last year! (I actually stopped at midnight, and played an electronic countdown that I mixed into my final track.)

Every year it’s different, and I have to say it’s never something I plan … it’s a feeling in the moment, of where me and the dancefloor have come together – and I’ll only know then and there what track I’m gonna drop! No pressure – LOL!

MCBN: You’ve recently come back from ADE, Amsterdam Dance Event, for those not in the know. We’re big fans of the festival, it’s ethos and what it does for the global movement of dance music. You had a few gigs at ADE this year, let us know how it went?


It was my 1st ADE experience – and it was insane! I attended the workshops, set up a number of key meetings via my management and bookings team – Jet Black, but the cherry on top was getting to close for Goldfish at their sold-out show at Ponton! The set was a huge success, and ended up being a back to back performance with Orca Sound Project (UK), as well as Dom and Dave coming back on to ‘live jam’ till closing time! The dancefloor was still absolutely rammed – an experience I won’t soon forget!

MCBN: This is a question we could go into depth and spend hours chatting about, but what are your thoughts on the current state of the South African scene after seeing the state of the European market recently at ADE. What are some thoughts and insights you’d give into continually growing the scene down here!?


Let’s book a workshop for this – not joking 😉

But a quick insight is that SA’s got the talent, it’s got the drive, it’s got the potential that the rest of the world is seeing just the beginning of… let’s not disappoint them!

MCBN: What are your three favourite tracks in your player at the moment? 


Detlef – Music Please

Angelov – Retrida

Camelphat & Cristoph – Breathe

MCBN: As we continue our countdown to Alcazar, give our readers a good line on why they SHOULDN’T miss Alcazar’s inner-city shenanigans?


Well not only will I be playing from the end of the year into the new year, but also from the end of the decade into the NEW decade of 2020… Also – my set leads into my bro Shimza, and who knows – maybe you might see a little back to back action there? 😉

… Try come up with a better script than that!!!

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We’re excited to see one of Cape Town’s most in-demand artist take us through into a new decade, don’t miss DEAN FUEL as he takes the stage at 23:30 pm. He’ll be handing the decks over to one of South Africa’s favourite artists, Shimza


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