Alcazar New Year’s Eve Presents | Q&A with Toby2shoes


The lavish inner-city NYE party Alcazar will be hosted at an amazing indoor-outdoor location right at the foot of Table Mountain in the heart of the Mother City and will showcase 12 hours of music and performance art across two main stages – The Bazique Stage and The Wolfkop Ballroom that will both host a variety of top local talent.


Among their incredible list of talented artists taking the stage, is Cape Town’s legendary Toby Attwell aka Toby2shoes. This renowned beat-maker and lover of good times brings his A-game with raucous party sets containing bits and pieces of assorted tech, swing-tech, chill, Afrobeat/house and has played every major festival on SA circuit to date.  To give you a little more information on this enigmatic performer, Alcazar presents their short n sweet Q&A with Toby below. Be sure to catch him live this New Year’s Eve for the city’s most anticipated year-end event, Alcazar. Tickets available here.

New Year’s Eve is a great time to reflect a little… what is the best thing that happened to you in 2018?
Toby: A dog called Matches!

Have you ever attended Bazique Festival or Wolfkop Weekender and if so, how did it roll for you?
Toby: Yes – lucky enough to have attended, and played at both. What I really love about both these events is that great music is at the forefront of the event planning – quality all around.

What is the best thing about Alcazar NYE in your mind?
Toby: Being able to dance outdoors in the middle of Cape Town – right slap bang in the city bowl – is truly a once off opportunity!

If you could be a member of the opposite sex for a day, what would you do?
Toby: The same as every other boy who woke up as a girl would do…

Do you think the Beatles were right about ‘ All you need is Love’?
Toby: Yes.

Name three of your favourite things to do that’s free…
Toby: Pretend you are a member of the opposite sex for the day. Climb Table Mountain and download all my sets from Soundcloud.

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