Album of The Week – ‘Good Nature’ Why Not Nod


Graeme Lloyd and Roland Brown are music duo – WHY NOT NOD. Having spent their days recording live sound, from a ball coursing through a pinball machine, to a front loader on a construction site, to a car-rim hitting the ground and spinning over, and then over again.

They are masters of understanding and processing these sounds, using them to create warm, organic music with analog synths. Besides being great music in a genre inspired by hip-hop, rap, dub, electronica and more, Lloyd and Brown create a unique platform that enables each and every person to hear and understand the music in their own way through the unique associations the unique sounds evoke in them. What does a rim clacking bring to the surface for you? A crane lowering to pick up rubble? The sounds of a pinball machine?

Associations may be positive or negative, but the beautiful thing is they unearth your own deep personal connections to the music. An experience that isn’t always possible for the listener in an increasingly synthetic world and music industry.

Their latest record, titled ‘Good Nature’ has just dropped and makes its way to our Album of The Week. Listen to all the latest tracks below and check out their Facebook page for more information.

Album artwork by Luke Stroebel

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