Album Of The Week | BamBeano | ‘A Documentation of Sounds from the Wild: Part 1’


A regular feature on local club and festival line-ups, Bambeano comes alive as a musical performer when collaborating with those who are similarly committed to pushing the boundaries of Cape Town’s alternative music scene. Occasionally joining forces with percussionist Ronè Sperduti, Bambeano’s sets are consistently versatile and bound to leave you wanting more.

Drawing from a varied sonic palette, this bearded performer is known to sample a wide range of genres: from playa-tech to Afrohouse; from downtempo to techno. His recent EP speaks to his unique musical eclecticism: listen and you’ll be taken on a multisensory trip. Expect to smell the smoke of a campfire and taste the salt of the South Easter. In the blink of an eye, you’ll see the setting sun transform into a strobe light and feel the caress of Tankwa dust on your skin.

Allow him to guide you through the night or dance with him as he serenades the rising sun. Below is the very latest from Bambeano, his first EP titled ‘A Documentation of Sounds from the Wild: Part 1‘. This incredible piece of audio art makes it to our ‘Album of The Week’. Listen to all his latest tracks in full below and click here to purchase your copy of ‘A Documentation of Sounds from the Wild: Part 1‘.

Artwork by: Kristi Marie Pretorius  Bambeano on Instagram: @bambeano_ct

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