Alabama Prisoners Do Best Mannequin Challenge Yet (shankings included)

Alabama Prisoners Do Best Mannequin Challenge Yet (shankings included)


The mannequin challenge has been one of our favourite internet fads in a long while and pretty much everyone has been putting together their own effort with some doing better than others. The latest, coming from a bunch of prisoners from the American state of Alabama might the most controversial yet.

The video was originally posted on Facebook and included the commentary of ‘Free us… prison reform… free my family!’ and the hashtags #ALLlivesMATTER, #GodLovesAll, and #ChaingangChallange. Even though prisoners aren’t allowed access to cell phones, they managed to sneak one in and put together one of the best Mannequin Challenge we’ve ever seen. The clip includes a dude getting shanked and others beating someone up on the floor, along with some other stereotypes that we’re used from all the prison based shows out there.

Check out the full video below:

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