Air New Zealand Flight safety video with Richard Simmons

In flight safety videos are normally quite a boring affair with rather siff looking attendants showing you what to do should your plane plummet from the sky… That’s all changed with a brand new Air New Zealand in-flight safety video featuring camp US fitness guru Richard Simmons, which has gone viral on the internet attracting over a million hits in just 3 days.

Air New Zealand said the video entitled Mile-High Madness, which has a sequin- and lycra-clad Simmons taking passengers though pre-flight safety vibes on a plane that looks like a 70’s disco inferno club, had been hailed as the best safety video ever.

“In a matter of hours the new safety video had become a global hit on YouTube,” Mike Tod, the marketing manager said.

The three-minute video, which includes a cameo appearance from Air New Zealand chief executive Rob Fyfe in a sweatband and shorts, began screening on Air New Zealand flights this week. This wasn’t the airline’s first entertaining safety video either with previous videos featuring cabin staff wearing nothing but body paint, and New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team.

The airline also bemused tons of Kiwis with an advertisement released this month which had a puppet by the name of Rico starring alongside US rapper Snoop Dogg, reciting lyrics such as “from Cali to Kiwi – we do it big in the New Zee”. Gangster.

I vote for more comedy in videos detailing what to do in the instance of my potential demise… #RICHROLL

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