AI Bots Just Beat Real Dota 2 Players in Team Match. Here’s Why This Is a ‘Huge Milestone’.

The NGO backed and co-founded by billionaire tech-mogul Elon Musk known as OpenAI has built a team of robots that have beat a team of humans at the complex and intricate video game, Dota 2.

The achievement is so impressive that it’s even had Bill Gates on the edge of his seat. AI bots have been able to defeat single player games of Dota2 in the past but team-play is very different as the bots have to strategize and intuitively co-ordinate with each other in real time.

The bots learn to play Dota in teams by playing against themselves and are able to play 180 years worth of games in just one day. The team managed to defeat another team of real players – even without certain features such as invisibility, summons, and illusions that had not been included. Watch the full video below for more information.

“Dota is one of the most popular and challenging competitive video games ever. Playing Dota means you have to coordinate and focus as a team of five. Last year, we built a bot that defeated the world’s best players at the one-on-one minigame. This year, we want to beat the best pro teams at the full game. To do this, we have built a new AI system which we spent the last few months training,” OpenAI








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