After Watching These Women React To Dick Pics I’m Never Sending One Again

women react to dick pics

In what has to be some of the most important scientific research to come out of the continent of America, we’ve finally learnt that women in general don’t really like getting pictures of your penis getting sent to them unsolicited. By watching these women react to dick pics, I’ve come to realise all that happens is that mooiness open the pic you’ve just sent them of your naughty bits and pass comment on how weird it looks, before making up an appropriate response, that they think you’d want to here.

I’d really love the input of our female readers here – is the research true? Do you really just think our willies look funny and are only useful when there’s a need to pee without having to stand in a massive bathroom queue? Man… now I really feel bad about sending so many Snapchats of my bits to strangers over the past couple of years *sigh*

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